What are the types of ball valves

Issuing time:2019-07-27 10:22


What are the types of ball valves?

1. By structure

According to the structure, it can be divided into trunnion ball valve, floating ball valve and flexible ball valve.According to the installation location,can be divided into top entry ball valve and side entry ball valve.

2. By actuator

According to the ball valve actuator, can be divided into electric actuated ball valve,hydraulic actuated ball valve,pneumatic actuated ball valve,handle ball valve.

3. By seat

According to the ball valve seated, can be divided into metal seated ball valve and soft seated ball valve.

4. By connection

According to the ball valve connection, can be divided into flanged ball valve and threaded ball valve.

5. By material

According to the ball valve material, can be divided into stainless steel ball valve, cast steel ball valve, alloy steel ball valve etc.


There are also many other ways to distinguish the ball valves,like pressure,use,shape…

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